Temporary Housing

Temporary housing

Some find themselves needing an "in between" place of living. They are not ready to purchase but also not ready to rent which is a common occurrence with people relocating to new cities for their jobs. You might be expected to hit the ground running, leaving finding a permanent place to live as secondary.

Corporate housing, extended stay hotels, and furnished apartments are ideal for all types of situations. What is best about these options are that they offer the comforts of home with the ability to stay a few nights or a few weeks. The accommodations usually include a kitchen, separate living and dining areas, washer/dryer access, cable TV, fitness center, pool, and self-parking.

Evaluating Your Rental Needs

Whether you’re looking for pet accommodation or activities, you’ll find everything you need. Perhaps there’s something you haven’t thought of? Use this guide to help you decide which needs are major and which are minor.

Community Locations

Contrary to popular belief, the Las Vegas Valley is a dynamic region with many different communities to select from. Each location offers a different perspective of valley life. From moderate to affluent, the neighborhoods in and around Las Vegas are distinct and vibrant.

Amenities Galore

At every apartment complex you find within the Las Vegas area, you will find amenities and social bonuses to make your mouth water. You’ll not be sorry that you’ve relocated to Las Vegas when you see all the housing market has to offer.